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Here's some of the results Ashley had whilst going through Launch Mastery.

Want to have your best launch ever – without the overwhelm or burnout?

You can...with


What if you could launch your programs and products into the world in a way that was amazing for both your bank balance and your body, mind and soul?

What if you could bring sacred, spiritual tools to the table, while also implementing the most effective launch systems, workflows and sales funnels?

And what if you were so beautifully aligned with your launch goals that you could attract more dream customers than ever before, and manifest results in a way that felt (almost) effortless?

Having an aligned, ease-filled, abundant launch – one that makes you feel amazing – isn’t just a pipe dream. It truly is possible…

... you just need to know how.

Why focus on launching?

Simple: if you’ve got a product or program to sell, you’re in possession of a business asset that could be worth six — or even seven — figures over its lifetime.

… Yet most people aren’t making anywhere near that kind of income. And on top of that, they’ve been doing launches in a way that completely burns them out.

So even though their product might have hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars of potential mileage in it, they don’t have the strategies — or the energy — to actually generate that profit…..

...Which is a giant waste. And a sure-fire way to end up stuck in the ‘hours for dollars’ paradigm, hating your business.

‘So why not just listen to one of the millions of free webinars out there on launching?’

Because all the so-called ‘gurus’ are only preaching one way of launching: push. Harder and harder, louder and louder.

And if things aren’t working or you’re not getting the results you want… well, you’re simply not pushing hard enough! Or there’s something wrong with you! Or you should get up three hours earlier each morning and give up Game of Thrones.

Which is fine if you’re a 30-something male with no kids and no commitments (or a very understanding wife!).

But what about those of us who actually want to enjoy life — including our kids, our families, and our free time — AS WELL AS making a great income?

What about those of us who DON’T want to be chained to our computers, who are tired of overwhelm, and who are sick of feeling resentful of our businesses? Surely there’s a better way?


‘But what if I straight up hate launches,
and don’t want to do them in my business at all?’

No worries, that’s your choice.

But know that ‘live’ launches are the fastest way to:

// Earn more money,

// Get more freedom, and

// Actually enjoy your business (and life) again.

(And yep — they beat Evergreen launches, hands down.)

Launch Mastery will show you a new way to launch.


This program takes all the effort, guesswork, stress, and trial and error out of your launching.

We focus purely on the strategies and techniques that are proven to work (and leave out all the stuff that’s just ‘trendy’, or that doesn’t convert, or that makes you feel like like a douche).

It’s about making your ‘asset’ work for you — so that you can live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, and generate the kind of income you’ve always longed for.


So the belief that launches are ‘hard’, ‘tough’ or ‘gruelling’? That’s a choice.

The idea that launches are ‘optional’? That’s a choice too (but only if you choose for your business to continue on the way it’s always been).

And the idea that launches don’t ‘pay off’? Well, once you know how, they’re actually the most reliable route to a six (or even seven) figure payday.

It’s time to discover a better way to launch.

It's time to change the conversation about launching

Imagine a launch that looks like this…


You feel organized, yet completely free and flexible. You know exactly what you’ve got to do and when to do it. (Even better – you know that your strategies will work.)


And because you’re vibing so damn high, you’re attracting the customers, the clients, the opportunities and yes, the money, that have so often eluded you in launches past. In fact, you’ve broken through to a level that you’d almost started to believe wasn’t possible for you.

You experience more ease and more abundance (on all levels) than ever before.

Any of these sound familiar?

...Then This launching program was tailor made for you!

Bianca joined Launch Mastery as a seasoned launcher looking to up-level. Here’s what she thought of the program...

“Launch Mastery caught my eye last year but I wasn't quite ready for it. This time around I was and I wasn't disappointed. I loved all of it but I especially loved the live calls. They made me show up and do the work.

The Launch Mastery materials are an excellent follow up from the e-Course Launch Formula and it has helped me take the stress out of launching and look forward to the process.

I know that when I launch again I'll be much less stressed and have a better framework for my launch.

I love that Kathryn brings launching and soul together. In the past, I always felt overwhelmed and 'pushed' by the masculine nature of launches. I now know better.

If you're looking to make your launches less stressful and more soulful, this program is for you. Launching doesn't have to feel icky, it can feel beautiful."

What is Launch Mastery?

Launch Mastery is a group coaching program for those who want next-level strategy and support in their launching.

Launch Mastery is a STRATEGIC & SOULFUL launching SYSTEM

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to deliver SUCCESSFUL and SUSTAINABLE launches — that is, launches that are highly lucrative and achieve amazing results… but that don’t burn you out, and that don’t rely on sleazy sales tactics that make you feel totally ick. (Because what’s the point in making a million bucks, if you don’t also FEEL a million bucks?)

Launch Mastery is about fusing:

The left-brained, masculine systems required for profitable launching…

  • Sales funnels and business structures that put as many things as possible on autopilot.
  • Clear launch timeframes that ensure everything gets done with ease (and without the last minute panic attacks!).
  • Streamlined workflows that free you up to get back to your zone of genius.
  • Effective marketing strategies that feel genuine and authentic for both you and your audience.
  • A profit plan that ensures you’re not leaving money on the table.

With the right-brained rituals that make you feel good, and that turn you into a magnet for abundance.

  • Cultivating the intense manifesting power of pure, unwavering alignment.
  • Using your inner energy fields to rapidly attract ideal clients and financial abundance.
  • Making strategy decisions with complete confidence, thanks to your intuition.
  • Truly taking care of yourself (in the way that your body and soul have been craving for far too long)
  • Harnessing the power of flow and momentum, to ensure everything feels as effortless as possible.

The Launch Mastery Curriculum

The program has 9 lessons. You’ll receive Lesson 0 as soon as you sign-up and the rest of the lessons are delivered over 12 weeks with some implementation weeks spread over the three months.

Here's what we cover:

Dive into:

  • An overview of the program, and your first introduction to the Launch Mastery method
  • How your innate feminine and masculine sides are influencing your launches (even if you’re not yet aware of it)
  • Where are you pushing too hard? Where are you not making enough headway? Delve into the shadow side of launching
  • Set your intention for the journey ahead (and set yourself up for success)
  • Create your own sacred space, so that your external environment reflects your goals (and increases your ability to reach them)

The whole program is designed to slide seamlessly into your life and business…

You’ll have all the support you need.

We go through this journey together. In our private community, you’ll have myself, my team, plus a whole circle of other women around you to support and cheer you on.

Bonus Facebook Live Streams

I’ll doing live streams in the Facebook forum on the regular to take you through specific activities, expand on themes of that week’s lesson or answer questions and just connect with you.

Learn in your lounge room.

The online platform means you can access the materials wherever and whenever suits you. (And they’re yours to download and keep forever.)

Always there for you.

This system will work for your next launch... and the one after that... and the one after that. Simply dip back in whenever you need a refresher.

Get access to Lesson 0 & 1 as soon as you sign-up

Dive into some foundational content and get yourself set-up for success.

Guest Contributors


Kelly-Ann Arthur

How to Channel your Ideal Client using Tarot

Did you know that all those spiritual tools and rituals you love so much can also be used to intuit the dreams and desires of your ideal customers? In this bonus interview with Guest Goddess Kelly-Ann Arthur, you’ll learn how to tune in to your tribe in a way you’ve never seen before, for potent insights that will transform your marketing.


Bianca mckenzie

Facebook Ads Masterclass

In this training you'll learn about what you need to setup for your launch before running Facebook ads, what strategy to focus on with your ads and how to measure your ads for success.


Sophie Wood

The 7 Core Pillars of Sacred Social Media

In this bonus training, you will learn exactly how to show up on social media in a sacred way. This includes all the information you need to know about the seven core pillars that make up sacred social media and ways to implement sacred social media in your launch.


kellie o'brien

3 Keys To Creating A Highly Effective Evergreen Client Pathway Post Launch

3 Keys to turning your launch into a highly effective evergreen client pathway using storytelling, strategy and systems. You will define your evergreen pathway, automate and segment for better results and use storytelling to sell more soulfully and inspire action.

Plus, you’ll also get these beautiful bonuses…

4 Guided Meditations

With these launch specific guided meditations, you’ll be able to select a track based on the stage of your launch and what you need help with. Simply press play, surrender... and transform.

Explore Your Goddess Ancestry Training

In this bonus training you'll discover how to research and connect with goddesses from the specific region(s) of your ancestry and discover the traditions and beautiful goddess energies that are part of your story.

Launch with the Stars Training

In this bonus training I'll show you how to discover the most auspicious launch dates for you taking into account planetary movements, moon cycles and your own birth chart.

Plus soulful launching sessions with...

Listen to 30 minute pre-recorded interviews with these powerful women about how they keep their launches soulful & sustainable.


Rachel MacDonald

Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted


Melissa Sandon

Soul Leader School


Sora Surya No

AND a special goddess gift in the mail!


(Yep – a real-life snail mail gift to help you plan your launch, and fully step into your feminine flow.) You'll receive a gorgeous goddess manifesto print, goddess postcard and your very own tactile launch planning kit complete with a strategy map and cards.

Kelly joined Launch Mastery before she was ready to launch. Here’s what she thought of the program...
Kelly 800x800

"I enrolled in Kathryn's Launch Mastery program before I was even close to having a product to launch.

It took huge amounts of trust for me to believe that investing in yet another coaching program before I was ready for it, would be worth it in the long run.

My soul knew it was the right choice and I'm so glad I listened to it's whispers when my head was trying to talk me out of it.

Kathryn beautifully blends strategy with soul to create a program that is balanced and harmonious, not leaving out any detail.

Being able to sit in a virtual circle with amazing women while they are launching their offerings (and themselves) into the world was truly a blessing. It enabled me to peek behind the veil to see what a soulful launch could look like and gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Witnessing Kathryn guide and support us in such an authentic, strategic and vulnerable way reminded me what it is to be a woman and a leader.

So much gratitude for Launch Mastery and for Kathryn."

Kelly Paris, Blissful Bodywork

The beauty is in the balance.

Of course, launching in a way that honours your spirit does NOT mean turning your back on data, or conversion metrics, or any of that stuff.

I still have the systems, sales funnels and support structures in place that helped me create a multiple 6-figure business. (Embracing my soulful side does NOT mean I’m no longer a Type A!)

In fact, those systems work even better now — because they’re set up to support the stuff that matters.

The more I look after myself, the more success I achieve. The more I nurture my yin, the more impact my yang actions make. The more structures I have, the more surrender is possible.

These days, when I have a tough launch or get sick, it’s the masculine systems I’ve got in place that allow me to still have a six-figure launch, even while struck down by illness and confined to bed.


When we, as women, bring our full feminine selves to the table, we can move mountains.

So to NOT bring that power to our launches is doing ourselves, our businesses, our families – heck, the entire Universe – a massive disservice.

Because it means we are not showing up as the divine, sacred, powerful beings we truly are. And you, me, all of us deserve better than that.

So in a nutshell, Launch Mastery
= Left-brained launch strategy +
Right brained potent alignment and magnetism

And to be clear, this isn’t just a “general framework” that still leaves you wondering what the heck you should do. I literally spell out for you EXACTLY what you need to do to uplevel your launches, show how to do it, then give you all the tools, templates, calculators and rituals that you need to make it happen.

If you’ve been wanting to bring more ‘soul’ to your ‘strategy’, this program is literally the best of both worlds.

Denise was sick of the hustle and something was missing in the way she was doing business. Here’s what she thought of the Launch Mastery program:
"Since 2016 I’ve been thinking about launching my e-course but I was afraid no one would buy it, even worse to get bad clients joining it. So, I kept postponing it however that burning desire to launch it wasn’t going away.

I feel blessed I found Kathryn – working with her has been a game changer for me and my business. After Launch Mastery I finally launched my e-course and the best part is that all participants joining it are my ideal clients. I’m thrilled.

Kathryn helped me to ditch the hustle. I learned how to do business with action and space, which means more results and less stress. During the program I also reconnected with my spirituality and love for crystals, practices that I left behind in the past because of the hustle and also because I never knew how to add them into my business. Kathryn guided me to embrace all my passions and add more balance in my life and business.

I would recommend Launch Mastery to women solopreneurs who are holding back from launching their e-course because it looks like a mammoth task. This program has the hard core strategies you need to launch your program with success. Also Kathryn will guide you to reconnect with your spirituality and intuition so you can implement the strategies, follow your plan, and take action in a way that feels good allowing inspiration do her thing.

She makes launching not only possible but fun!

Denise Da Costa - Business Coach -

And then there’s our private community…

So all up you’re getting…


Complete access to all 9 lessons
(including videos, PDFs, worksheets, templates, calculators, tools, and more)


Membership in our online community, for ongoing support and sisterhood


Contributor Trainings with Kelly-Ann Arthur, Sophie Wood, Bianca McKenzie, Kellie O'Brien


High level advice and support from myself


Lifetime access to the content, the community, and all future upgrades


4 guided meditations, for you to download and keep


Interviews with leading e-Course creators and launch goddesses 


Bonus Training: Discover the Goddesses of your Ancestry


Bonus Training: Launch with the Stars Training

and a very special gift in the mail!

Your Investment

Most Flexible Option

AUD $399
  • 6 x Monthly Payments of $399
  • + GST for Australian Residents

Best Value Option

AUD $1997
  • 1 x Payment of $1997
  • + GST for Australian Residents

Spread the payments

AUD $797
  • 3 x Payment of $797
  • + GST for Australian Residents

(All prices are in Aussie dollars – which makes it a total steal for our US friends at approx $1470 USD!) 

The tools and techniques you’ll learn in this program will help you earn more and feel better through every single launch you have… ever. Which means it’s the kind of program that will pay for itself, over and over (and over) again.


Ashley Leavy is a seasoned and very successful launcher. However, she still knew that her launches did not feel the way she wanted them too and that there had to be a better way. During her time in the VIP experience Ashley had her biggest launch ever.


Here's some of the results Ashley had whilst going through Launch Mastery.

 This was by far the BEST thing I could have done for my launch. I knew that deep down there were energetic and emotional things that were holding me back from launching to my full potential.

Not only did Kathryn help me express and clear the things I knew about, but she also helped me uncover things I wasn't consciously aware of that were blocking my success.

For my recent pre-launch enrollment, my team and I set a goal of $35k in sales (while working to balance masculine with feminine energy and stay in alignment).

Not only did we reach that goal, but we closed our pre-launch sales at $81k (more than double our goal!). And I KNOW that was because I was able to clear things that were holding me back and release things that were draining me. I was able to truly open up to the abundant support from the universe. Thank you SO much, Kathryn!"

Ashley Leavy, Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Launch Mastery is your kinda thing if…

  • You’ve launched a couple of times (heck, even a couple of hundred times) but you’re not getting the kind of results you want.
  • Or perhaps you’ve got a program or product that you want to launch, and want to make sure you do it right the first time.
  • You’re tired of trying to “push and hustle” your way to success – you’d rather do it with ease and flow.
  • You’ve often found yourself wishing you could run your business and launch your products in a way that actually fuels and uplifts you, not depletes you.
  • Work-life balance is super important to you… even if you’re not great at getting it right.
  • You’re open minded, keen to look at your launches in a new way, and are ready to bring your whole self to the (business) table.
  • You’re spiritual, enjoy dabbling in spirituality, or are curious to dip your toes in.
  • You’d love to experience more alignment – you know how (freaking) important it is to make sure your inner and outer selves are aligned if you want to experience breakthrough results.

And this is not your jam if…


  • You don’t like ‘woo’ or spiritual stuff, and aren’t open to trying new things.
  • You want a ‘prescription’ for launching, and aren’t prepared to learn how to use your intuition and follow your gut.
  • You value profit at all costs. (Launch Mastery is about achieving abundance in all areas of your life – not just your bank balance.)
  • You’re after a hyper-masculine, pushy, hustle-based launching system. #NuffSaid

Kathryn combines soulful advice, expert business clarity, and laser focus. Seeing how she runs her own business and getting behind-the-scenes access to her launch strategy and program design has been invaluable to me as I build my own e-course.

She has the unique ability to curate a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that provides not only a forum to learn and expand from some amazing women, but that also offers a safe space to share my fears, failures and successes without judgment.

Working with Kathryn has expanded my potential in ways I could not have reached on my own.

Danielle Omar

About your Guide


Kathryn Hocking

Creatress and Program Director

That’s me! I’m the creatress & leader of the program. Dubbed the ‘e-Course queen’ by the Australian media, I’ve successfully guided hundreds of people through my eight online training programs. As an e-Course Coach, Launch Strategist, qualified trainer, and the Director of, I lead the e-Course Launch Formula each year – meaning, my left-brained logical credentials are unimpeachable.

As for my spiritual side? Well, I am a Certified Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner and Soul Centre Intuitive (think kinesiology, intuitive guidance and embodiment) which means I can help my clients move through the resistance and blocks that come along with launching and reach new levels of abundance.


I'm also currently studying a year-long Astrology apprenticeship which is informing my work with clients in ways I could never have imagined.

It was when I brought these two sides of myself together that things really started shifting – my business finally felt the way I wanted it to feel (while still performing at the level I needed it to), and I paved the way for deep, healing and profound growth.

That’s the basis of Launch Mastery, and I am beyond excited to be sharing this potent masculine-feminine fusion with you.

As Seen in...

And listed as one of the top 50 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 on Huffington Post
Deb MJL Profile Pic

"I recently enrolled to do Kathryn Hocking's Launch Mastery program and I am so glad I did.

Kathryn has put together a program that encompasses all aspects of launching, including the practical and the emotional, and has shown me how to create the right plan of action for me and for my business regardless of what it is I am planning on launching.
This is the third program that I have enrolled in with Kathryn and as with the other programs, Kathryn has an amazing and supportive culture that ensures her students "get" what she is teaching, and that we are able to implement what we are learning without having to struggle.  And she creates a beautiful space within her groups so that students can offer support to each other as well.
I have gained a great deal from each of Kathryn's programs, specifically from Launch Mastery, and I know you will too."


(All prices are in Aussie dollars – which makes it a total steal for our US friends at approx $1470 USD!) 

The tools and techniques you’ll learn in this program will help you earn more and feel better through every single launch you have… ever. Which means it’s the kind of program that will pay for itself, over and over (and over) again.

Most Flexible Option

AUD $399
  • 6 x Monthly Payments of $399
  • + GST for Australian Residents

Best Value Option

AUD $1997
  • 1 x Payment of $1997
  • + GST for Australian Residents

Spread the payments

AUD $797
  • 3 x Payment of $797
  • + GST for Australian Residents



Launch Mastery is ideally suited to help you launch online programs (i.e. e-Courses and group programs) and online products (such as eBooks or guided meditations.).

You’ll also find lots of useful information for launching service-based packages (such as a coaching or web design package), events, and real life products, however keep in mind that the program isn’t specifically designed for these purposes.

Victoria had launched 1 or two times before, here’s what she thought of Launch Mastery:

"I knew about Kathryn and watched her launch numerous products before I finally took the plunge with Launch Mastery and I'm so glad I did.

She made some quite difficult subjects seem doable and she took away my fears of launching by addressing them head-on. I loved the mixture of practical and esoteric throughout the course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find a new, more feminine, way to launch their own products.

I’ve finished this program with much better systems, I had Asana but was not using it effectively and now I am experiencing much more structure to my days.

I really loved learning about goddess archetypes in each module, the meditations,  the practical work and I especially loved the gifts I got sent in the mail.

As a person who buys courses rather than gets on with her own work I found that this program will help you get on with things!

I highly recommend that you sign-up, Kathryn and her goddesses will guide you through the process!"

Sacred Guarantee

This program is the absolute essence of my heart and brain, distilled into digital form. Which is to say: I believe in the quality, integrity and insane usefulness of the tools and techniques you’ll find within, 150%.

I want YOU to feel this supreme level of confidence and satisfaction too, which is why I’m offering you a complete money-back guarantee when you enrol in Launch Mastery…

This is my sacred promise to you...

If you enter this program and aren’t satisfied by the extreme value you find within, I will refund you your full purchase price with no questions asked (less a small admin fee to cover processing and gift postage costs).

Refund requests must be submitted within 14 days of purchase and sent to our customer service manager Mel– you’ll find her at

I do, however, ask that you give the materials a go first. (As we all know, no program – no matter how amazing – ever works without implementation.) So you will need to send through the completed exercises for the first lesson to be eligible for the refund.


Most people don't talk about the great amount of stress and insecurity that launching brings up. For me, this was one of the biggest challenges. Working with Kathryn, I realized that everything I was feeling was completely normal. She shared her own personal stories and tips for dealing with the "emotional demons" of launching and shifted my mindset into a positive place. That change in perspective got me through some of the hardest days and I was able to bring my best self into a successful launch.

Alison Lumbatis, Style Challenges and Stylegistix

Got a burning question we haven't answered?

Myself and my team are available to answer all your questions, so that you can feel 100% confident this is a good investment for your business and future lifestyle.

So please don’t hesitate to send us an email and ask away!

Click the Help button below or email us at

Sara McCormick had launched before, but her Launches doubled whilst studying Launch Mastery

I was super nervous about signing up for Launch Mastery, as it was a big investment, but I feel so much more confident in my ability to launch and communicate to my audience how my course can change their life.

I haven't had the time to implement everything I learned in Launch Mastery yet, as when it began I was wrapping up a launch and then I launched again right as it was ending, so I'm really looking forward to diving back into the materials over the summer for my Fall launch but my enrollment doubled from the launch I did prior to starting Launch Mastery!

My favorite part of the program was the real world examples and showing us exactly how you use tools like Asana.

I want people to know that what you will learn and take away in Launch Mastery will more than pay off in your launch results. I was surprised how quickly I saw results even before I had fully implemented what I had learned.

Sara McCormick, Belle deLuna


So, my fellow creatress,
When you close your eyes and envision your next launch, how does it go down?

Sam Coles had never launched before but wanted to be prepared when she did. Here’s what she thought of the Launch Mastery program:

Before Launch Mastery I had absolutely no idea what a launch involved, what the pitfalls were and how to deal with them. Although I haven't completed the course yet I am working at my own pace along with the E-Course Launch Formula. I now feel like I have the insiders' knowledge before I launch so I will be as prepared as I can be when I launch my first e-course.

Even if you're like me and have never launched before and don't have a product ready you will be soooo much more ready than you would ever have been without it.

My favorite part of the program was Mindset and Alignment Mastery because they weren't things I'd even considered from a Launch perspective before.

I now feel like I know the path that I'm on even before I get there. I would have been wandering aimlessly in the dark without it.

 Sam Coles, Lighting Consultant & MD

Are you tired just thinking about it?

Are you stressed and struggling, pushing harder and harder, getting progressively more tired and disillusioned, and wondering how the hell you’re going to get back on the horse and do it all over again?

Or are you feeling peaceful and spacious? Are you booking in a massage and a beach walk with your bestie, knowing that that’s the best use of your time (and that your systems will support you)? Are you graciously watching the numbers flow in (and your bank balance go up) as you excitedly plan your post-launch treat (Shoes? A fancy dinner?
A holiday? #AllOfTheAbove?)

You have the power to shape your business and your launches so that they fulfil you, not make you freak out or feel awful.

The choice is yours.

The power is yours.

But you need to claim it.

Simone has launched before many times, here’s what she thought of Launch Mastery:
Simone 01 (1)

"I really enjoyed taking Launch Mastery and learned much more than I expected I would from doing it.

Kathryn provided the perfect blend of masculine strategy with feminine mindset work which made it unlike any other program I have taken.

It really helped me to plan my next launch in a way that is soulful so that I can get closer to the results I desire without the stress and anxiety that usually comes from launching.

I now realise that launching can be done with grace and ease with the right type of planning and preparation, and that launching a program can be nourishing, fun and fulfilling and doesn't have to lead to burnout and disappointment.

The strategy work has helped me to plan a launch that has realistic results, while balancing my health and incorporating spiritual elements that I love.

I'd recommend this course to any female entrepreneur who wants to learn how to stay aligned during their next launch and to also dive deep into all the stages of launching.”

Simone Samuels, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

Pssst... Still reading? Still searching? Still not quite sure?

I understand - this program might feel different from anything you've done before. In fact, it SHOULD feel different to anything you've done before - that's the whole point!

Lovely one, if you continue doing your launches in the same way you've always done, you'll continue getting the same results you've always gotten, and be feeling the same way you've always felt... so different is good!

I firmly believe that your gut can tell you whether you're ready for this program - in fact, you probably already know. So all I want to say here, as a final note, is that it truly is possible for you to feel good as you make money and launch your products.

Burnout, exhaustion and depletion are NOT normal. So whether you choose to join up or not, I encourage you to open yourself up to a new way of doing business and sharing your gifts with the world.

You deserve it. Heck, we all do. And it's time that we, as the women we truly are, rise up and create our new reality.

It's time to change the way we launch!