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Are you craving more support and 1:1 guidance with your launches?

I’d like to personally invite you to join the Launch Mastery Inner Circle.

Launching is how we put our work out into the world but it can be an emotional and stressful experience for many of us and one that can lead to burnout.

If we don’t have the appropriate support to navigate the strategy, systems and planning as well as the mindset, emotions and alignment then we very often find ourselves getting stuck and not moving forward, or if we do we fall short of our goals.

I'm here to support women who want to create thriving, sustainable and soulful businesses and I want to help YOU avoid the overwhelm, burnout and sense of isolation that being an online entrepreneur can create.

This inner circle is about Strategic and Soulful alignment in your launches.


I’ve been launching for the last six years and I’ve completed over 25 launches and generated over a million dollars in online income.

And I've mentored over 800 clients to create the same type of success in their businesses.

But a few years ago I sensed that my clients needed more than “just” my strategic support.

They needed support to clear their blocks and limiting beliefs, open up to receiving, ensure alignment with their launch activities and goals and most of all to get high touch support during the roller coaster of emotions that launching can be.

So, over the last few years, I have been studying in this area including an intensive energy and soul medicine healing practitionership.

And as a result in 2017 I added a high impact small group experience to my flagship launching program “Launch Mastery” and the results were phenomenal.

So much so that it has become a permanent part of my services and I am now taking applications for 2018.

I'd love to tell you about it so if this resonates then read on!

The Inner Circle

A very special high-level experience for just 10 women.

This launching incubator is going to help you move through both the strategic and mindset blocks holding you back from launching (or growing your launches) and taking serious aligned action.

This is an online small group, intensive transformational experience.
It provides you with both group online coaching and workshops and 1:1 strategy mentoring and energy healing.


All up, the Inner Circle experience includes 5 hours of 1:1 time with me, plus close to 2 days of intimate group coaching (in addition — of course — to the 10+ hours of live group calls during Launch Mastery itself).

There is so much included with this bonus, but as it is a high-touch, high-intensity opportunity, it’s not for everybody. 

This 12-week experience is an upgrade designed for women who are serious about creating a launch-based passive income business.

On top of my Launch Mastery program (my premium e-Course about next level launching), you’ll also get one-on-one sessions, monthly accountability and group coaching calls, small group workshops, soul and energy healing, strategy sessions, personalised feedback and advice, and so much more.

It’s akin to a mastermind program, but with one focused objective — to help you create and deliver your most successful launch ever, in just 3 months.

Kristy Maffit

Kristy Maffit joined the Launch Mastery Inner Circle even though she had not yet launched a program. She wasn’t sure why she joined but she just felt drawn to be a part of this program. In this case study she talks to me about what she got out of the high level launch incubator.

“ I honestly didn’t have the confidence to approach an eCourse let alone launching and putting myself out there.

I loved the The 1:1 attention with Kath along with meeting the other ladies in a more in-depth way. It helped me greatly as I navigate my eCourse and launching. I loved learning meditations and tools to incorporate soul into my business and planning/strategy.

Now, just a few months later I have the tools balanced with masculine and feminine energy to help guide me as I bring my vision to life.  

From being a part of the Inner Circle I gained community support, understanding of my energy around launching and how to break through it as well as exploring the beliefs holding me back.

I really feel that the Inner Circle enriches the Launch Mastery course and provides a deep dive into the soulful side often ignored with business programs.

I was surprised to walk away with the feeling that I can launch and will not only enjoy the process but thrive through it."

Kristy Maffit
This high-level inner circle experience includes:


  • Group strategy online workshop in February
  • 60-minute 1:1 Launch Calendar session
  • Monthly Online Heart Seat Workshops (February, March & April & May)
  • Intimate Inner Circle Facebook Community Forum for the 12 weeks
  • Dedicated Inner Circle page in the Membership Site

Mindset, Alignment and Soulful Support:

  • 1:1 Customised Launch Clearing Session (90 minutes)

  • 1:1 Customised Receiving Activation Session (90 minutes)

  • Personal Launch Energy Reading


  • Set of my 9 Launch Archetype Goddess Cards

Let's break it down!

Group strategy online workshop in February

An online strategy workshop to help you refine your launch strategy. We will come together online as a group to work on, and discuss, our launch strategies. You’ll receive personal feedback from me and benefit from the ideas of the group and leave with a clear strategy for your next launch.

60-minute 1:1 Launch Calendar session

We will work together to create a custom launch calendar for your next launch.

This will provide you with a clear road map of what to do when and answer all your questions about your launch timeframes and activities. You will leave with a 1-2 page launch calendar with key dates and activities plotted in based on your timeframes and activities.

Monthly Online Heart Seat Workshops (February, March, April & May)

Heard of hot seats? They are a mastermind technique to help you move through your roadblocks and fears and make progress - think strategy, planning and epic brainstorming from the group. I like to call them heart seats as I bring equal doses of strategy and soul to the discussion. You will get a 30 minute heart seat (and learn so much from, and contribute to, each other’s) and walk away feeling inspired and focused.

Intimate Inner Circle Facebook Community Forum for the 12 weeks

Because we will be working intensively together with a number of group sessions we will have a pop-up Facebook Community for 12 weeks where you will be able to get intimate support and building lasting connections with other launch warriors.

Dedicated Inner Circle page in the Membership Site

This page will contain all of the details of your inner circle program including dates and times of events, recordings of workshops and links to book your 1:1 sessions.

1:1 Customised Launch Clearing Session (90 minutes)

In this session we will deep dive into the mindset blocks and resistance that is holding you back from launching or getting the results you desire. A mix of alignment, mindset and energy healing it will set you up for success in this 3 month period and beyond.

1:1 Customised Receiving Activation Session (90 minutes)

Best conducted just before or at the start of your launch this session will ensure:

// you are aligned to your launch goals,

// you activate your ability to receive during your launch,

// you clear any stagnant energy or limiting beliefs that have built up around your launch and your ability to receive abundantly for your soul work.

In short, it will elevate you to receive your highest potential.

Personalised Launch Energy Reading

  • A customised oracle or tarot card reading just for you to help you through your next launch. With over 20 sets of oracle and tarots cards I’ll be picking the ones that most want to be used for your reading. You’ll receive a photo of the reading, audio file of my insights and a written summary and action steps to use in your launch.

Set of my 9 Launch Archetype Goddess Cards

    1. These cards each feature a beautiful goddess complete with launch guidance and an affirmation to invoke the energy of each goddess.

PLUS a graduation surprise...

      • I’m cooking up something extra special for you!

All the epic benefits of the

Launch Mastery Base Level


The Launch Mastery Online Program includes 8 modules, 8 live group calls along with the main community forum for which you have lifetime access and support (valued at $1997). This program will run from 14th February 2018.

The content modules include:

0. The Art of Launching

1. Invoke your Inner Launch Goddess

2. Strategy Mastery

3. Planning Mastery

4. Launch Mindset Mastery

5. Alignment Mastery

6. Sales Mastery

7. Team Mastery and

8. Post-Launch Mastery

Please note: This opportunity is limited to just 10 women.

There are currently 10 3 spots remaining.

Epic Support

All up this experience includes 7 hours of 1:1 time with me, 24+ Hours of intimate group coaching in addition to over 10 hours of live group calls during the Launch Mastery live round.

In short, it’s for people who are serious about a sustainable launch based business without the burnout.

Frequently asked questions


Absolutely this program is designed to be an online program with all group and 1:1 calls delivered online unless you are based in Adelaide and want to see me in person.

Want to download an overview

Click here to download an in-depth overview of the Inner Circle

Yael Keon

Yael joined the Inner Circle having launched 1 or two times before. In this case study, she speaks about what she got out of the high-level launch incubator.

“  As a strategist, I often default into the "do more" or "learn more" mode of launching. However, this just wasn't working for me - in both my well being and my bottom line.

By going through the Inner Circle and Launch Mastery, I was able to connect with my intuition which not only helped me achieve my most successful launch to date but to do it in a way that I found enjoyable.

My launch was less stressful, with higher enrollments, greater clarity, increased confidence and connection to self.

Launch Mastery is the program for you if you know you need more than just the strategy when launching.

The most surprising benefit of the inner circle was my sense of calm through launching”.

Untitled design (1)

So all up you’re getting…


All the benefits of the Launch Mastery Base Level ( 9 modules, weekly group calls and larger Facebook community)


Intimate Inner Circle Community for epic support and next level truth bombs and accountability


Intimate ‘Welcome Ritual’ in the first week, to open our intimate energetic container and set yourself up for the energy shifts to come


Highest level advice and support from myself


1:1 Strategy and launch planning with me as well as monthly group heart seats to move through anything holding you back and provide epic accountability and support


Life-changing energy sessions with me to bust through your energetic blocks and elevate you to next level abundance and visibility

Join the Inner Circle...

Most Flexible Option:

Join the Inner Circle

Get Launch Mastery AND the Inner Circle Upgrade

(Including the full Launch Mastery program, PLUS 7 hours of 1:1, 22+ hours of small group coaching, healing sessions and more.)


$799 AUD/Month

(+ GST for
Australian Residents)


Join the Inner Circle

Get Launch Mastery AND the Inner Circle Upgrade

(Including the full Launch Mastery program, PLUS 7 hours of 1:1, 22+ hours of small group coaching, healing sessions and more.)


$1598 AUD/Month

(+ GST for
Australian Residents)

Best Value Option:

Join the Inner Circle

Get Launch Mastery AND the Inner Circle Upgrade

(Including the full Launch Mastery program, PLUS 7 hours of 1:1, 22+ hours of small group coaching, healing sessions and more.)



(+ GST for
Australian Residents)


The Inner Circle is your kinda thing if…

  • You love to develop intimate and honest connections with other soul led female entrepreneurs
  • You are excited to discover the subconscious (or very well hidden!) blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back
  • You know that there is more to your success than launch strategy and you want to ensure that you are at the highest, most positive vibration when you launch
  • You'd love a coach who approaches your launch from a stategy AND soul place
  • You are finally beyond the place where it is all about the 'hustle' and you are ready to embrace alignment and flow instead
  • You are open to exploring energetic work even if it is very new to you and you are not sure what it's all about!
  • You want to be held and supported yet also held accountable Mumma bear style ( that's how my coaches and masterminds refer to me 'mumma kath' or 'mumma bear' energy - fierce yet oh so loving!)

And this is not your jam if…


  • You don’t like ‘woo’ or spiritual stuff, and aren’t open to trying new things.
  • You want results right now - this work takes time and commitment which is why it is a 3-4 month process (and beyond!)
  • You want someone to do the work for you - my role is to illuminate what is holding you back, what will help you make the most impact and traction and to help you with your strategy but you need to do the work
  • You are not planning to launch something (be it an ecourse, mastermind, book, service or other soul offering) in the first half of 2018

Jo Bendle

Jo joined Launch Mastery feeling fairly confident about her launching strategy and processes but knowing that something was missing. In this case study she speaks about what she got out of the high-level launch incubator.

Before joining the Inner Circle I was already happily launching and following a pretty thorough launch strategy, but I knew my results could be bigger. I was excited about the additional energetic launch support Kathryn was offering and that was the reason I joined the inner circle, to see if there was another layer to launching I wasn’t including.  I also wanted to supercharge my own strategy whilst learning from a professional launcher!

I especially loved the group sessions and the 1:1's where we went deeper on our own launch plans, and my own strategy has gone next level since having Kath's input.

I was at a stage in my business where I wasn’t ready for a high-end year-long mastermind but I needed more than just an e-Course. Having been tempted to work with Kathryn for a while, her inner circle program spoke to me as something that could assist me at this in-between stage."


Got a burning question I haven't answered?

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So please don’t hesitate to send me an email and ask away!

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What Happens When I purchase?


Once your investment is official I will send through some formal documentation and provide you with access to the Launch Mastery Membership Site and Module 0.

Once all spots are filled in January I’ll send details of all the live workshops and links to book your 1:1 sessions - unless we have negotiated to get started earlier.

We officially kick-off 5th February 2018 (Launch Mastery starts 14th February 2018)


Not the right time?

If you are not ready for this type of investment then I encourage you to join the Launch Mastery Base Program.

If you have any other questions email and we will be in touch!


I'm so excited to be your Launch Midwife!